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August 23, 2006


Emily Robbins

Flow! I totally had to write this huge 15 page term paper my freshman year on that book. Haha never thought I'd hear about good old flow again, it is interesting stuff actually. So what is up with you having a DVD box?? Miss you all, Emily

Eric S.

I read an interesting article on "Flow" for video games. It plotted a chart with two axes: horizontal is Abilities, vertical is Challenge. The "flow" zone is a fuzzy diagonal strip between the two. From the article: "In order to maintain a person’s Flow experience, the activity needs to reach a balance between the challenges of the activity and the abilities of the participant. If the challenge is higher than the ability, the activity becomes overwhelming and generates anxiety. If the challenge is lower than the ability, it provokes boredom."

A very intriguing concept, Flow.

Jon, place your motivation in the Objective Lord (heart, mind, strength) and He will satisfy! Don't let success be your idol. Hope this helps!

Jeff Guy

Completely can relate. But sometimes, when I get in that state of anti-flow (which you pointed out can take very little time to enter), I remember that God can save me from this depressed state. I go to Him in prayer, and He helps me. Sometimes He helps immediately. Sometimes He lets me pray for an hour or read the Scriptures a while first.

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